Airport coffee

It’s well known that airports have transformed in recent years from a transport hub with some shopping opportunities into shopping hubs with some associated transport options.  It’s also generally acknowledged that, despite having a very large footfall compared to most other shops they often charge more than other shops for the same goods.  They get a combination of high volume and high margin, which is a good combination for a retailer.

I passed through Collinstown Shopping Centre (a.k.a. Dublin Airport) recently and took note of the coffee prices in a number of the shops in Terminal 1.  I don’t claim that this is scientific or exhaustive, although walking around the airport looking at the prices was pretty exhausting.

I tried taking note of multiple coffee types, but since they all had different combinations I ended up just noting the prices for a latte.

  • Butlers chocolate shop – €3
  • Marquette – €2.75
  • Wrights – €3
  • Burger King – €2.30
  • The bar upstairs beside Burger King – €3.25

Can anyone beat €2.30 in Burger King in Dublin Airport for a latte?

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